About Us



The International Society of Technical Environmental Professionals, Inc. (INSTEP), is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of environmental site assessment professionals throughout certification and training.

INSTEP continues to develop programs to enhance the environmental professional with topics including:

  • Standards development.
  • Education and certification.
  • Coordination and consulting relating to both public and private interests.


Our Objectives:

  • Development and assistance in the establishment of industry standards and public confidence in the performance of environmental services.
  • Coordination with other organizations related to environmental consultation and services and liaison with industry development efforts.
  • The evolution of environmental standards, education, and certification with market demands, laws, and appropriate regulations.


What We Offer

  • Training in assessment methodology, education in environmental science and creation of professional practice guidelines.
  • Opportunities to practice in INSTEP certification and education programs as well as committees.